Good friday

Ok, working out for the day was good- have found out that HIIT is not something for me, I much more prefer regular intervals:)!

Ok, so here are todays work out:

35 minutes running, with 5 min warm up, 5,5 min regular running, followed by 4×4 intervals- 20 sec hard running (sprinting) and 10 sec rest. Repeated this three times.

55 minutes of spinning (which actually is about 35 min effective training)

And then at the end I kicked my own ass…:)

I am, to be honest- very weak compeared to how much I have been working out the last years, so I must admit it is rather embarrasing to be starting on the weight liftinng, as I am ever so weak…:( but, about time to change that!

Biceps 17 kilos – 4×12 reps

Triceps 16 kilos (don’t know what it’s technical term is, but behind the head:-p)
4×12 reps

Triceps- pull- down- 20 kilos 3×12

Deadlifts 30 kilos without the bar (I think it is 15 kilos) 3×12 reps

All in all a good two hours of working out- my legs are mashed now!!

Got hooked on Pinterest, good times:)!! Happy friday:)!


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