Sometimes it just seems that after an absolutely fab day, comes a crappy ones. Ok- to be veryvery positive, thank God for the crappy ones, then the good ones feel so much better… This was of course in regards to working out and eating. Got a minor work out crammed into my schedule- just an hour of spinning- at level two- wtf… ok, took it as a restituition work out- but soooo frustrating to not give my best!

Food… don’t want to talk about it:(

Met up with a friend of mine in the evening- love that- she is one of the most wonderful people I know- love her!

Ok, so here is my plan for today:

working out, get to target legs and deadlifts. Of course an hour of some sort of kardio also!

Eating day- CRAVE to eat something now, but I will wait until lunch- GO stamina!! Going to eat cottage cheese for lunch, and are soooo excited about my dinner tonight- it will be fajitas mix (love that), onion, kesam- mmmm- sooo looking forward to that, did I mention that…:)?

Good Plan!


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