If you are working within sales, ALWAYS ask the person you are calling if they have time to talk to you.

I have been working in sales myself for a number of years, and are now on what I would call ‘the other side’. I am aware of that some of the worst jobs out there are salesjobs, who try to sell you things you do not need (i.e. ads on internet pages that are never visited…), and I am so frustrated on the fact they the always assume that I have the time to talk to them, and are rather rude when I gently turn them down- the worst is a person who asked me ‘what… you don’t want to be found on the internet…?’

And also, if we have bought something from you, and it something is wrong… FIX IT for me- don’t vaste my time trying to get a solution, just present me with the solution and make that the end of the story!

Some people, I tell you!


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