two things

on my mind today!

One: need to keep this best mode I am in for the moment, both for my mind and body. I work out like crazy and eat healthy- love it, and my body loves it- just have to try and keep it that way- I know how my head works and if I ‘fall down’ I really fall, so I need to keep it up- and keep my mind sane (sounds more dramatic than it actually is, just want to stay motivated- I am not depressed or anything. Those who are unfortuante to have that diagnose cannot fix it as easy as I can fix my state of mind).


Two: need to keep my hair nice. I see so many women being 35 + that has bleached and done so much shit with their hair that it is messed up and just sooo dry- do not want to be one of those! (Yep-I know- it could not be a more shallow thought, and belive me- it disappears withtin 3 minutes, and my work takes over- no worries!).




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