Make life proud

I have said it before, but a good thing can never be repeated enough…!

Live life! Make life proud of you! Do anything you possibly can to live a life you are happy with!

Two of my friends have had friends and families in serious accidents lately. One where he lost family and friends in a boating accident- two people dead at the age of 32 and 34- so tragic, so early in life. And another friend where family got hit by a drunk driver- a mother and a child. The mother just came out of a coma, the child broke his neck and some ribs. Hopefully both will recover good, but life is so fragile!

I tend to do things a bit out of the ordinary, but still not too extreme, and at times I wonder what the hell I am doing, but in times like these I get reminded- I am following my dreams, reaching goals and having a hell of a time doing it!







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