Live in Italy, work in Switzerland, Norwegian but a citizen of the planet. Have a bit of a shoe and travel addiction, but nothing is as important as love;)

The things I appreciate though;)

Shoes: All shoes, love the look of heels, mostly wear Vans though..:)

Sports: Skiing (downhill preferably), Surfing (trying to), hiking (volcanoes, mountains etc), golf (again: trying)

Traveling: the only thing you buy that makes you richer

Fashion: One cannot live in Italy and not care.

Art: Give me your vision and I will enjoy it, not interpret, just enjoy

Interior design: Chairs!! Give me my Arne Jacobsen chair and I can call anywhere my home

Music: There is a tune for everyone and any occasion in my life I promise you

Aiming to make life proud!

I have lived in TromsΓΈ (Norway- born and bread), Oslo (Norway) Copenhagen (Denmark), Milan (Italy), Berlin (Germany) and Varese (Italy) as well as working in Switzerland- this is my story:

I am from the north of Norway, with the northern light and the midnight sun- amazing TromsΓΈ.My first real travel experience was when I was 11 and went on a CISV (children’s international summer village) trip to Brazil, no parents, just an adult leader and the 4 of us from Norway with other children from the rest of the world- life changing!

After traveling for 6 months at the age of 19 I picked up my things and my then boyfriend and moved to the capital of Norway, Oslo.

Finished my bachelors degree in Marketing communication and started working (all the while continuing to travel). After 5 years in Oslo I had the opportunity to work at an advertising agency in Copenhagen, Denmark. My 1,5 year in Copenhagen changed my life (again) and after returning to Oslo again, all I wanted was more international experience. My goal was VF company and their brands, The North Face, Vans etc.

With a grueling process of getting admitted to do an MBA at SDA Bocconi in Milan, I relocated again at the age of 30. My life changed again and the experience cannot be explained by words, I will however try here and there on my blog. After the first year I relocated to Berlin, Germany for three months to do an internship there. Back to Milan to finish my MBA, and after finishing I got a job in Switzerland at VF (…!), so I moved up north in Italy closer to the boarder to Switzerland.

For now I am here, traveling from here, back home, out in the world, and back again- let’s see where I go next.. this time I have to bring my love with me though- should be cool, he’s a helicopter pilot…;)




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