‘Marathon’ Saturday 

Right… not actually running a marathon but more like a day on the go…

After 9 hours of sleep, which is wayyyy too much for me- above 8 hrs and I’m dead, but anyway… after 9 hours of sleep we went to the pool to work out a bit. Since this is the only exercise I can get my bf with me to do (because he used to swim competition when he was younger), we always go Saturday morning. 

And this needs to be timed to perfection because at 11 there are hords of kids invading the water for their swim lessons.. So if we’re not out by then we literally swim in a queue and you get reminded how disgusting it actually is to be in the same water as all of these people – better to live in the bliss of ignorance… 

This Saturday- we almost made it… got in 45  of good swimming and as any workout- elevates the mood and start of the day to perfection. 

After that, home, do some laundry, fix the swim gear, and as my bf went to have lunch with a friend I had some ‘me-time’, doing a scrub, hair mask, face mask and self tanning- the year 2017 of beauty continues perfectly.. 

Went out to lunch, which really was a sad experience of a pasta dish which I didn’t even finish.. and me not finishing food- it must be sad! Read some magazines, listening in on the conversation of the danish family next to me (why are there danish people here- do they live here? Are they on vacation? And if so, who would go to Varese on vacation- unless you’re m a friend or family of mine and I make you? So many questions I did not get an answer to) 
Bf came back, and since the ‘restaurant’ (it doesn’t deserve to be called a proper restaurant) I was at didn’t accept card payment below 10€ (my anger towards this INSANELY STUPIDITY cannot be explained in one post…) my bf had to come and bail me out of lunch (WHO TF has cash anymore..???). Only reason I went there is that it’s in a piazza without car- traffic… never again though. 

Anyway- bf came, we had a drink together and chilled at home for an hour after. Went out to aperitivo (North Italian pre- dinner snacks), and instead of dinner, had some more wine 🙂 

I am LOVING the freedom of just chilling like a villain during the weekend and calling it a ‘marathon’ 😊😊👏🏻👏🏻 

Now- what to do on a Sunday…?! Just kidding- so many plans; hang out with retired people (which are the only ones out when we go out to have breakfast at 10), buy a bike, watch formula 1, cook and eat dinner etc…;) 

(And disclaimer: I know this is not a busy ‘marathony’ day, which is why I used the headline;) ) 

Easter back home

Easter back home

Easter is one of my main family holidays (Christmas being the other), and apart from a few I have always spend Easter at my mothers cabin in Lyngen just outside of Tromsø where I grew up.

Lyngen being one of the top selections of free ride skiing in the world (totally subjective of course…) I always find tremendous peace and the opportunity to really recharge my batteries being back there.

My mother has insisted in keeping the cabin without electricity and water, so heating the cabin with the fireplace and getting snow to melt for water to wash the dishes, really means that ones focus is being shifted for a few days.

This year I was so lucky to be accompanied by my friend and her husband, which just made my yearly Easter- getaway even better.

As the cherry on the top we even had AMAZING weather the entire time- what more can one ask for?

I mean, you cannot ask for anything else than this view!

My mom 😀 ❤
Even had the time to read a bit, LOVE the Napolitan novels by Elena Ferrante. I feel they give me a bit better understanding of Italy and the cultural bias.
The view from the balcony ❤
I don’t look that happy, but I were…:)


You can just feel the fresh air in this picture

The obligatory ‘roasting sausages on the fire outside for lunch’ picture!

Can’t wait til next year again 🙂

Thames running 

I finally (after 4 trips to London) found the energy and motivation to also work out the two days I was there. 

I love running as it takes you around, is good exercise, does not require too much equipment AND kick triggers the ever so great endorphin rush ❤ 
So, as we were staying close to the river Thames that became my choice of path. 
Additional bonuses: great weather and sunset !


Happy runner !

Just had to show the hotels’ great breakfast! 

Always chai latte or Frappuccino from Starbucks

Weekend shopping 

Just had to do a teeny tiny bit of shopping, I felt i deserved it (… as one does…) after putting my 1k in investments, paying all my bills and still having some left for savings- needs to spend all her money– just kidding, bought cheap stuff;)


Obviously starting with the most exciting one, a skip rope and an elastic band… anyone said work- out junkie…?

I just had to buy this skirt as it has the most beautiful burgundy color that matches my Choos (that I bought earlier) perfectly. On sale from Zara- gotta love it!
The shoes just deserved a close- up with the skirt ❤
Oh and I bought some lovely flowers, it just have to be good feng shui to have living things in the apt- or at least good for the air inside.. until I kill them…
So cute
Oh, and my BF forced me to buy a basil plant also- lovely thought, I love basil.. but these things die at normal peoples homes, so let’s see if this ones survives long with me…
Had to take a picture with the plant and the GREAT Winnie the Pooh quote (in Norwegian) ‘yes, please- both’. Got it from a dear friend years ago- needs to be in my house forever 😉

And tomorrow morning, off to London. Like insanely early… at 7.35 is my flight…


Varese Saturday 

After two weekends of traveling this weekend is dedicated to staying at home and keeping healthy as bf is having routine tests made on Monday.

Had tons of small errands to run today too, but started the day as per normal on a Saturday at home- with swimming for 45 min.
Then we took a stroll in amazing spring weather and 21 degrees Celsius ☺️☺️

At times my little town is beautiful: 


Stumbled upon a new cafe today, look at the cute tree ❤
Magic light

How, how,HOW can I change this???? 

I am furious that WE let this happen, and not just in the US, all over- in companies in life!! I’m furious!! 

What can I do, what can I do to make it better?!?! I feel helpless, and this isn’t even the worst!!