How, how,HOW can I change this????Β 

I am furious that WE let this happen, and not just in the US, all over- in companies in life!! I’m furious!! 

What can I do, what can I do to make it better?!?! I feel helpless, and this isn’t even the worst!!

What I’m reading…Β 

Went on a loooong drive this weekend (3.5 hours up, 5+ hours back), and before I went up there I downloaded a new audiobook to listen to-Outliers.
I LOVE this book, I generally love books though- but this one- ah, explains so much!! And let me just write- I need to start working on one thing – entitlement (in the positive meaning of the word).
Much recommend reading! 

Moonwalking with EinsteinΒ 

I have periods where I don’t read a lot and then other periods I read all the time.

But in any case I always have one to listen to in the car on my way to and from work. 

I love, love, love books I can learn something from and that are scientific to some extent! 

I’ve been through ‘The power of habit’, ‘The willpower instinct ‘(and a bunch of others not worth mentioning) and based on those I already love this new one ‘moonwalking with Einstein’ – about how to remember everything- so far, very good!