How, how,HOW can I change this????ย 

I am furious that WE let this happen, and not just in the US, all over- in companies in life!! I’m furious!! 

What can I do, what can I do to make it better?!?! I feel helpless, and this isn’t even the worst!!

International Women’s Day!

Happy International Women’s Day! I cannot explain how much it means to me to continue the fight our mothers (grandmothers) started for us!

And to always continue the efforts to make sure every girl has the same opportunities as I have had, but even more importantly- have courage and self confidence take those chances!

I’ve had a fantastic bunch of women to look up to- from my incredible mother who keeps impressing, to my cousin who made my childhood pink (glasses included), to my insanely fantastic friends who prove every single day that I have chosen so wisely the women (and men;) I surround myself with!


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Climb mountains and reach the top…;)

What if…

What if the world was dominated by all the good people out there, instead of the power hungry, ego centric ones? 

What if we all just got along without wanting to take others down on the way through life? 

What if good was the driving force of things?

What if people didn’t have to be told by others what is right and what’s wrong, what if they knew intuitively?

What if one persons succeeding didn’t mean anothers failure? 

What if equality was a given? 

What if people just did things in the best of beliefs and intentions?

What if the world was run in a way that works for everyone and for generations to come? 

What if you could bring children to this planet and not be afraid for their future?

I belive if everyone reconnected with nature we would all see what we are destroying.

I don’t with any fibre of my body understand why others would want to hurt other people the way they rape, kill, destroy, exploit and molest- why? What’s going on in their mind when they do these things? Even though someone told them it was ‘ok’, somewhere in there they just must know it’s wrong, they must?! 
I’m devastated when I see what we are doing to each other, to the planet, to animals- I’m scared and disheartened. 

And all I can do is to try and be a change-agent, a person who loves and gives and walk the road I talk, if I can’t do it perfectly (and I’m not), at least to some extent, with some effort make the world a teeny tiny bit better- I love it, you see โค๏ธ

Moonwalking with Einsteinย 

I have periods where I don’t read a lot and then other periods I read all the time.

But in any case I always have one to listen to in the car on my way to and from work. 

I love, love, love books I can learn something from and that are scientific to some extent! 

I’ve been through ‘The power of habit’, ‘The willpower instinct ‘(and a bunch of others not worth mentioning) and based on those I already love this new one ‘moonwalking with Einstein’ – about how to remember everything- so far, very good! 

Last year, this year…

Last year I kicked three kind of big bad habits- candy, Coke Zero and coffee. 

I didn’t completely realize until I actually ‘took account’ on it, if there ever is a secret- little by little, step by step and then all of a sudden I was there:) 

This year, I’ve started with almost no carbs, meaning only fruit and vegetables form of carbs- and not that much of that either… the first week was horribly hard, but now, after a week and a half, it’s already easier! 
We say it every year, but THIS year- 2017 is MINE โค ๐Ÿ™‚ !!!