Travels coming up

I just booked my next travel tickets, and it just makes me soooo happy ❀

First up in Oslo at the end of May, CAN NOT WAIT as I get to see my mom, my nephews and MY FRIENDS again- so excited!!


Then it is Rome to meet my dad and his wife the weekend after- yay for Rome!!


Two weeks after that I am heading down to Pescara to the Italian coast for some sun and beach at my bfs (parents) beach house- OMG- SUMMER!!


One I haven’t booked yet is a couple of days in Korsika , but I will since my brother and his family will be there- so I will head down there for a couple of days when they are there- woho!!

And at the beginning of September I am going for a week to Bari with some friends of mine- CANNOT WAIT.


A lot of Italy traveling so I really want to take two weeks to Costa Rica to do some surfing in October/November- should be absolutely doable πŸ™‚


Yay for traveling!!

How, how,HOW can I change this????Β 

I am furious that WE let this happen, and not just in the US, all over- in companies in life!! I’m furious!! 

What can I do, what can I do to make it better?!?! I feel helpless, and this isn’t even the worst!!

What I’m reading…Β 

Went on a loooong drive this weekend (3.5 hours up, 5+ hours back), and before I went up there I downloaded a new audiobook to listen to-Outliers.
I LOVE this book, I generally love books though- but this one- ah, explains so much!! And let me just write- I need to start working on one thing – entitlement (in the positive meaning of the word).
Much recommend reading! 

International Women’s Day!

Happy International Women’s Day! I cannot explain how much it means to me to continue the fight our mothers (grandmothers) started for us!

And to always continue the efforts to make sure every girl has the same opportunities as I have had, but even more importantly- have courage and self confidence take those chances!

I’ve had a fantastic bunch of women to look up to- from my incredible mother who keeps impressing, to my cousin who made my childhood pink (glasses included), to my insanely fantastic friends who prove every single day that I have chosen so wisely the women (and men;) I surround myself with!


Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 20.07.58
Climb mountains and reach the top…;)

Favourites Burberry, Fendi, Roksana,

Fashion weeks- ahhh, so much lovely to look at and get inspired by!

Burberry FW 2017:

Stripes AND a cape, and the shoes- perfect, everything perfect (except I would love the shirt to be the same fabric as the skirt…)


Love the jacket, but the BAG- the bag I loooooove ❀


Again… the shoes, the cape- and then we have… lace, all in one

Roksana FW 2017:

The color combination is divine, and this belt seemed to be popping up everywhere!

Mulberry 2017

The color,the pattern and the fabric- love it!!

Fendi FW 2017

The color combination, the burgundy boots – perfection!

Sportmax FW 2017:

Again, the shoes (same as Burberry…) the belt, the colors (ah that blue), the ensemble! All in all… crave!

Versace FW 2017:

Not the biggest fan of the actual fit of these clothes, BUT- all else- MAN it is perfect: red over a striped blue shirt, combined with leather pants, heels, and an oversized leather bag- perfect!!
LOVE the jacket here, and this blue combined with orange (which Versace had a section of)- so nice for autumn!

Bottega Veneta FW 2017- so far my favorite, I could’ve bought and worn everything I think (had I had the money that is…)

LOOK at this popping orange!! It is so nice!! AND… and cape again- I am a sucker for them!!
A nice clean menswear look- YES PLEASE! And the color of the jacket- yesss!
She literally rules the world with this look!! The shoulders on the cape, the details, the length, the attitude- queen!

Haute CoutureΒ 

Love these!! Love, love, love these

Elie Saab:

The blue!!!


The white!!!

Karl Lagerfeld’s Chanel

I could show up to work in this, right?!
I would replace the belt, but I get the collection story..

Maria Grazia Chiuri’s Dior

Jean Paul Gaultier

Laaaace for daysssss ❀

I just want to wear this all day every day.. just have to become a princess first- no big deal πŸ˜‰