Thames runningΒ 

I finally (after 4 trips to London) found the energy and motivation to also work out the two days I was there. 

I love running as it takes you around, is good exercise, does not require too much equipment AND kick triggers the ever so great endorphin rush ❀ 
So, as we were staying close to the river Thames that became my choice of path. 
Additional bonuses: great weather and sunset !


Happy runner !

Just had to show the hotels’ great breakfast! 

Always chai latte or Frappuccino from Starbucks

London touringΒ 

I’ve been in London since Thursday, in meetings until Friday afternoon and then enjoyed the weekend with my love.
We’ve been eating our way through London, which is really sad honestly-need to be better here!!

Was supposed to stay at the same hotel all days, but had to split it up since my work pays for everything but the weekend obviously, and managed to boo two different ones, so had to change hotels on Friday and then again on Sunday- annoying… !

Anyway- lovely stay in London πŸ™‚

What can be more London; a bus, The London Eye and a Mini…?!


Had to have the Big Ben in on a shot;)

Brewdog- so classic it hurts a bit…;)

My BF was happy with the beer selection:)!

Covent Garden, Seven Dials

My favorite area (street…)-Carnaby

Sooooo good Indian food-Dishoom Soho

I think i honestly could’ve lived on Naan bread! So, so, so good!

Classic Camden town


Le Pain Quiditien, organic veggie soup- much needed after days of fried food!

Tomorrow is all about meetings and returning home to Italy- got to love it πŸ™‚