I can dream, can’t I?!

I can dream, can’t I?!

I want this house…in addition to a roof top apartment in Milan and a house by the sea- not too much to ask for, right??

Just need to make around 20m € first and then maybe I can get there- oh well, start visualizing I guess…:)

A HUGE glass facade with a view of the lakes. A nice balcony from the main floor. From the ground floor an exit to enter to the swimming pool and with some insane cool solutions in the bedrooms- I have that one too in my head you see…;)

Enter through a nice minimalistic front door to a foyer in white with a huge table with always fresh Hortensias- what more can one ask for in a house?!

A black and white staircase up to the second floor with lamps hanging like clouds from the ceiling. From the entrance you can see all the way through to the glass facade, and with that get all the light from any part of the day. A dream!

house 2

house 3

house 4