Weekend shopping 

Just had to do a teeny tiny bit of shopping, I felt i deserved it (… as one does…) after putting my 1k in investments, paying all my bills and still having some left for savings- needs to spend all her money– just kidding, bought cheap stuff;)


Obviously starting with the most exciting one, a skip rope and an elastic band… anyone said work- out junkie…?

I just had to buy this skirt as it has the most beautiful burgundy color that matches my Choos (that I bought earlier) perfectly. On sale from Zara- gotta love it!
The shoes just deserved a close- up with the skirt ❤
Oh and I bought some lovely flowers, it just have to be good feng shui to have living things in the apt- or at least good for the air inside.. until I kill them…
So cute
Oh, and my BF forced me to buy a basil plant also- lovely thought, I love basil.. but these things die at normal peoples homes, so let’s see if this ones survives long with me…
Had to take a picture with the plant and the GREAT Winnie the Pooh quote (in Norwegian) ‘yes, please- both’. Got it from a dear friend years ago- needs to be in my house forever 😉

And tomorrow morning, off to London. Like insanely early… at 7.35 is my flight…


Vans Shopping 


Just looooove this little prosecco video- ah aperitivo ❤

And then you know- some shopping … putting some money in our Vans store in Milan. I should’ve probably bought the classic Old Skool Black/white before, they’ve been hot for a while- but better late than never;)




They are even ‘pro skate’, which means that they are made for skating, might not use them for that, but they sure are comfy;)

And then the Sunday ritual of driving my bf to Milan (sucks every time) to drop him off so he could take the train back to Viterbo.

Today’s shoooz

Sitting around waiting for BMW to check my car after basically changing the engine on it – god I hate Autopiu Milan with a passion, they sold me a car that was faulty and the warranty company wouldn’t pay for the repair…so after months I had to pay 3000€ for a basically new car- hate them with a passion!! 
Anyway , BMW have been heroes in helping me out at least-so now I’m having a check to see if all is ok.
Today’s loovely burgundy shoes and beige scarf- could I be more autumny?

The Talented Mr. Ripley

I just had to see that movie again after my friend reminded me that they, in that movie, were having drinks at the same hotel as us in Positano. And by that, she also reminded me that I really liked that movie, it is one of those few movies that has such a great cast, whom I must admit I am not the biggest fan of in the later years- Jue Law, Gwyneth Paltrow, Matt Damon, Philip Seymor Hoffman (ok, him I love- Capote- helloooo!!), Cate Blanchett.




They are so pretty and preppy, and I just love the Amalfi coast, and sailing and white Capris and tennis shoes, and preppy and the lovely skirt she shows.

All images from Pinterest ❤

Tennis, hailstorm and then some! 

We wanted to go play tennis today and had booked a court outside at 12… That’s about 30 minutes after the most insane thunderstorm started, so we rescheduled until 3 and inside…
I practiced yoga, we had lunch- and then we started walking towards the tennis venue.
Around 2 minutes after we had arrived this happened…

HAIL STORM in June… In Italy…no words, I have no words!!

Luckily it only lasted for like 3 minutes, but still…

Tennis we played;) 

And then of course ‘after-match’ with wine and grapes!! Gewürztraminer I tell you!! Best wine out there (probably loaded with sugar)!! 
Shameless selfie in the elevator…

And now- Portugal vs Croatia! Love football ❤

Heading to Ostia!!

Booked tickets for a weekend trip to Ostia with my love. Basically that means that I am flying from Milan to Rome and staying there over the weekend with him. We figured it best for me to go there that weekend (not this, but the next) since he will be starting flying again (finally!) and will probably be exhausted.

Oh goooooosh- summer, beach and sun, I just really need that for the weekend right now!



Can we just talk about espadrillos and sandals please. I just saw this INSANE nice collage HERE and all I want to do is to be a beach- bum right now. I shall once talk about my love for the water, but that will be some other time.

Look at this, mmmmmmsummer ❤

Happy summer loved ones!