Travels coming up

I just booked my next travel tickets, and it just makes me soooo happy ❤

First up in Oslo at the end of May, CAN NOT WAIT as I get to see my mom, my nephews and MY FRIENDS again- so excited!!


Then it is Rome to meet my dad and his wife the weekend after- yay for Rome!!


Two weeks after that I am heading down to Pescara to the Italian coast for some sun and beach at my bfs (parents) beach house- OMG- SUMMER!!


One I haven’t booked yet is a couple of days in Korsika , but I will since my brother and his family will be there- so I will head down there for a couple of days when they are there- woho!!

And at the beginning of September I am going for a week to Bari with some friends of mine- CANNOT WAIT.


A lot of Italy traveling so I really want to take two weeks to Costa Rica to do some surfing in October/November- should be absolutely doable 🙂


Yay for traveling!!

Two pizzas and two movies

I mean.. TWO movies, in two days- that is extremely rare for me, but I went on a roll so why not enjoy it?! And honestly, since both of them are based on real events it makes more sense to see them- I think at least;)

And also, these were off Netflix so I could get them in English and not the normal dubbed (in Italian) ones which is pure ‘not good’ (to be nice about it) to neither listen nor watch.

First one was ‘The Theory of Everything’ about the life of Steven Hawkins- and I mean, wow!! Amazing film, I have wanted to see it for a while and finally!! Absolutely loved it, I hope he did too- and I do have a faint memory that he did at the time of the release. Anyway- much recommended!

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 20.04.27
Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 20.05.12
Both Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones just Killed it, but I mean him as Steven Hawkins- bravo (as they would say in Italy)!

And the next one was 7 years in Tibet, which I of course have seen before, but felt it was time for a re-see. And all though it is a lovely film, a tad overrated I must say. A good thing is that I got some refresh on Tibet and Tibetan Buddhism, which is always nice.

I guess the film is a ‘must- see’ but not necessarily a ‘must re-see’…

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 20.05.30


Oh, and we went out for dinner, pizza for the both of us. I love, love, love pizza with arugula, prosciutto and parmesan- too good ❤ ❤ ❤ !!

My bf had a fried pizza- which is Napolitan style, very tasty- but just too much, for more than one bite- for me that is.. he ate his whole and 1/3 of my pizza as I couldn’t finish mine..

Fried pizza with ricotta cheese and bresaola ham.  

In conclusion, great with an extra day off work, but for the future if we have extra days off we should probably travel, as we are not exactly made for staying at home more than two days in a row… at least we feel exactly the same in that area;)

Weekend shopping 

Just had to do a teeny tiny bit of shopping, I felt i deserved it (… as one does…) after putting my 1k in investments, paying all my bills and still having some left for savings- needs to spend all her money– just kidding, bought cheap stuff;)


Obviously starting with the most exciting one, a skip rope and an elastic band… anyone said work- out junkie…?

I just had to buy this skirt as it has the most beautiful burgundy color that matches my Choos (that I bought earlier) perfectly. On sale from Zara- gotta love it!
The shoes just deserved a close- up with the skirt ❤
Oh and I bought some lovely flowers, it just have to be good feng shui to have living things in the apt- or at least good for the air inside.. until I kill them…
So cute
Oh, and my BF forced me to buy a basil plant also- lovely thought, I love basil.. but these things die at normal peoples homes, so let’s see if this ones survives long with me…
Had to take a picture with the plant and the GREAT Winnie the Pooh quote (in Norwegian) ‘yes, please- both’. Got it from a dear friend years ago- needs to be in my house forever 😉

And tomorrow morning, off to London. Like insanely early… at 7.35 is my flight…


Varese Saturday 

After two weekends of traveling this weekend is dedicated to staying at home and keeping healthy as bf is having routine tests made on Monday.

Had tons of small errands to run today too, but started the day as per normal on a Saturday at home- with swimming for 45 min.
Then we took a stroll in amazing spring weather and 21 degrees Celsius ☺️☺️

At times my little town is beautiful: 


Stumbled upon a new cafe today, look at the cute tree ❤
Magic light

Last day in Rome this time around

Today my mom and aunt went back to Norway and my bf came to Rome to say hi to them and spend the day with me ❤

When you go to Rome, you have to get the Tiramisu from Pompi- just sayin’!


Sooooooo cute yellow Fiat 500 anno 1950
My love for chairs is being fed ❤
As always we go to La Montecarlo (thanks Alessio) to eat, this is the bill written down on their paper tablecloth… always a pleasure!

Skiing!!! Val di Gardena

Skiing!!! Val di Gardena

Lovely weekend in Val di Gardena with my sister-in-law and her friends. They all came from Norway on Saturday afternoon, so I went up there, skied on my own on Saturday and then skied with them on Sunday. OMG the weather was amazing, the pists were great and the company were world- class.


Look at this bouquet of women!
Up on the mountain ready for the day


Shoes of the day…
LOOK at this!


Gotta have some pizza
After ski in Selva


Happy me!
Happy campers! Sent this to my mom, she was so happy
I mean.. LOOK at at this!!!

Vans Shopping 


Just looooove this little prosecco video- ah aperitivo ❤

And then you know- some shopping … putting some money in our Vans store in Milan. I should’ve probably bought the classic Old Skool Black/white before, they’ve been hot for a while- but better late than never;)




They are even ‘pro skate’, which means that they are made for skating, might not use them for that, but they sure are comfy;)

And then the Sunday ritual of driving my bf to Milan (sucks every time) to drop him off so he could take the train back to Viterbo.