Easter back home

Easter back home

Easter is one of my main family holidays (Christmas being the other), and apart from a few I have always spend Easter at my mothers cabin in Lyngen just outside of TromsΓΈ where I grew up.

Lyngen being one of the top selections of free ride skiing in the world (totally subjective of course…) I always find tremendous peace and the opportunity to really recharge my batteries being back there.

My mother has insisted in keeping the cabin without electricity and water, so heating the cabin with the fireplace and getting snow to melt for water to wash the dishes, really means that ones focus is being shifted for a few days.

This year I was so lucky to be accompanied by my friend and her husband, which just made my yearly Easter- getaway even better.

As the cherry on the top we even had AMAZING weather the entire time- what more can one ask for?

I mean, you cannot ask for anything else than this view!

My mom πŸ˜€ ❀
Even had the time to read a bit, LOVE the Napolitan novels by Elena Ferrante. I feel they give me a bit better understanding of Italy and the cultural bias.
The view from the balcony ❀
I don’t look that happy, but I were…:)


You can just feel the fresh air in this picture

The obligatory ‘roasting sausages on the fire outside for lunch’ picture!

Can’t wait til next year again πŸ™‚

Thames runningΒ 

I finally (after 4 trips to London) found the energy and motivation to also work out the two days I was there. 

I love running as it takes you around, is good exercise, does not require too much equipment AND kick triggers the ever so great endorphin rush ❀ 
So, as we were staying close to the river Thames that became my choice of path. 
Additional bonuses: great weather and sunset !


Happy runner !

Just had to show the hotels’ great breakfast! 

Always chai latte or Frappuccino from Starbucks

Last day in Rome this time around

Today my mom and aunt went back to Norway and my bf came to Rome to say hi to them and spend the day with me ❀

When you go to Rome, you have to get the Tiramisu from Pompi- just sayin’!


Sooooooo cute yellow Fiat 500 anno 1950
My love for chairs is being fed ❀
As always we go to La Montecarlo (thanks Alessio) to eat, this is the bill written down on their paper tablecloth… always a pleasure!

Rome // Roma

I went to Rome to meet up with my mom and aunt who came for a weekend.

Started the first day with a seightseeing bus, booked tickets for them to go to the Vatican museum today (btw- if looking to book tickets- book from an android phone- 10€ cheaper…) and ended the evening with some aaaaaamazing food and wine at a restaurant recommended by my fantastic boss! 

Totally hungover today, but off we go to enjoy Rome πŸ™‚


Skiing!!! Val di Gardena

Skiing!!! Val di Gardena

Lovely weekend in Val di Gardena with my sister-in-law and her friends. They all came from Norway on Saturday afternoon, so I went up there, skied on my own on Saturday and then skied with them on Sunday. OMG the weather was amazing, the pists were great and the company were world- class.


Look at this bouquet of women!
Up on the mountain ready for the day


Shoes of the day…
LOOK at this!


Gotta have some pizza
After ski in Selva


Happy me!
Happy campers! Sent this to my mom, she was so happy
I mean.. LOOK at at this!!!

Skiiiiing- finally!!Β 

Skiiiiing- finally!!Β 

Spent Saturday skiing in Switzerland- SplΓΌgen- and OH MY GOD, I am soooo happy about it!! The weather was insane, good company and good conditions in the slopes.

Happy me!!

Happy friend!

Mid- skiing beer…;)
The light was beautiful on our way back home
And then to Milan for after- ski… Capirina FTW (does anyone say that anymore…?)
Sushi ❀

Amazing day with both skiing in the mountains and the city life of Milan πŸ™‚

London touringΒ 

I’ve been in London since Thursday, in meetings until Friday afternoon and then enjoyed the weekend with my love.
We’ve been eating our way through London, which is really sad honestly-need to be better here!!

Was supposed to stay at the same hotel all days, but had to split it up since my work pays for everything but the weekend obviously, and managed to boo two different ones, so had to change hotels on Friday and then again on Sunday- annoying… !

Anyway- lovely stay in London πŸ™‚

What can be more London; a bus, The London Eye and a Mini…?!


Had to have the Big Ben in on a shot;)

Brewdog- so classic it hurts a bit…;)

My BF was happy with the beer selection:)!

Covent Garden, Seven Dials

My favorite area (street…)-Carnaby

Sooooo good Indian food-Dishoom Soho

I think i honestly could’ve lived on Naan bread! So, so, so good!

Classic Camden town


Le Pain Quiditien, organic veggie soup- much needed after days of fried food!

Tomorrow is all about meetings and returning home to Italy- got to love it πŸ™‚