The turns life take on a train.

On a train from Milan to Rome to meet up with my love it strikes me in Florence. Like it has struck me before, but in a different way- this time because I’m reading this book about two girls growing up in Naples from the 50s.  


It strikes me how insanely strange my life is and how lucky I am to go on a normal Saturday to Rome, the enteral city, to meet up with the love of my life- the most unique person on the planet- in so many different ways I need to explain that later. 

But I live in this country who seems to be between the old and the new. Where you still have ‘normal’ people earning 1000โ‚ฌ a month and rents are easily 800โ‚ฌ, where artisans are everywhere, history, pride but also conflicts a sense of feeling eligible without providing first. A sense of style, of lifestyle that is in contrast. The importance of food, but also a body- shaming (especially of girls) that is beyond anything I’ve ever experienced (maybe I’ve just been protected?!). And in this I take with me a heritage from the worlds best country to live in (Norway, votes numerous times the best to live in, not by me;). Who’s been lucky in striking oil, but in this clever people has made it a public ownership- creating prosperity for all (which I know, is not that many). 

And also this I see from the outside, the ‘struggles’ which are not struggles when you see the despair that exists out there. Where there is 9 months maternity leave and 3 months paternity leave. In Switzerland, where I work, it’s 3 months maternity leave and they’d laugh- hard- if anyone took paternity leave.

I get to choose this, I get to choose to live in one of the coolest countries in the world- with mountains and skiing, with beaches and sea, with food (omg- the food), with fashion and history. And I can also to choose to go back to the best (…) country in the world if I wish- what a priveldge, what a life. 

I’m grateful! Forever โค 


Tromsรธ, Norway

Cinque Terre, Italy  


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